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If you don’t live in Slovakia, you may never have heard a fujara.

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played by

Roman Malatinec and Karol Kočík

Learn all about

the fujara’s history

its construction

the people who make and play it

how to care for it

how to play it

special techniques of the masters

Slovak folk tunes

and more....

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“In 2005 UNESCO listed the fujara as one of humanity’s oral and intangible heritages. One of the reasons for recording it as such, is that this unique instrument is not only a historical artifact, but also a living phenomenon, which attracts new generations of admirers. In my opinion, there is no better evidence of it than this beautiful book by Lorna Reay and Karol Kočík.

The fujara, its construction, process of making and decorating, musical facilities and repertoire are well presented through portraits of its contemporary makers and players in the environments in which they live. They are people of different ages and different social backgrounds but they all have in common a deep and honest interest in musical traditions of their region. I especially appreciate that the fujara is shown not as a solitary instrument but as a part of a large family of shepherd’s musical pipes; i.e. six-hole flutes, double flutes, bagpipes and others, that are significant for a rich traditional culture of all the regions in Central Slovakia.”

Bernard Garaj,

Professor of Ethnomusicology,

Univerzita Konštantína Filozofa,

Nitra, Slovakia



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